RN Case Management

The Cook Hospital & Care Center have RN Case Managers that work directly on admissions, referrals, discharges and ongoing management of your needs throughout your stay. Our RN Case Managers meet daily as part of an Interdisciplinary team to promote quality care for our patients and residents.

There are different levels of care provided at the Cook Hospital & Care Center:

  • Acute- Short term hospital stay.
  • Observation care, which is usually 48 hours or less and does not require an acute hospital stay.
  • Nursing Home-Skilled or unskilled stay, requiring management of daily needs. These can be short term or long term stays.
  • Swing- Swing beds are beds within our hospital used for people who need short term, skilled care in a hospital setting, but no longer meet the criteria of staying in Acute Care.

Swing beds are commonly used for individuals:

  • Post Orthopedic Surgery- requiring therapy services.
  • Infusion therapy- requiring ongoing IV medication for a specified length of time.
  • To gain strength after an illness during a stay in the hospital.
  • Individuals who need end of life care.

Most Medicare and Medicare Replacement Plans cover swing bed stays. However, the Medicare program may require prior authorization.

Remember, if you have a surgery elsewhere it is your choice as to where you are placed during your recovery when the above services may be needed. Let the Social Worker or Case Manager know if your wishes are to return to Cook Hospital for your rehab.

For Swing Bed questions and referrals please contact:
Annie Dougherty, RN Coordinator – Hospital – 218-666-6211 or adougherty@cookhospital.org

For Care Center referrals please contact: Theresa Henshaw – 218-666-6207 or thenshaw@cookhospital.org