Care Center (Nursing Home)

The Cook Care Center is a 28-bed care center that is attached to the hospital. The Care Center offers a home like environment with private resident rooms, daily activities, a bird aviary, a courtyard that is in bloom 3 of the 4 seasons, a variety of outdoor space as well as indoor visiting areas, and nursing staff that cares for the residents as if they were their own family members.

The Care Center offers Physical and Occupational Therapy and has a Restorative Nursing program. Restorative Nursing staff work with residents daily to maintain and improve quality of life through individualized programs working closely with Physical and Occupational Therapy. Programs such as exercises and walking as well as self-cares are done throughout the day. Some programs are moved outdoors in warm months as weather permits.

The Care Center also offers a variety of activities daily including beauty shop once a week and outings a couple of times a month.

The Dietary Department strives to give the residents a variety of foods and choices.

We pride ourselves in providing care to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Our staff receive training to be able to meet the unique individual needs of each person.  Contact our Director Nursing to see if we can meet your needs.


  • providing a safe and home-like living environment;
  • through values of dignity and compassion for our residents;
  • promoting independence;
  • fostering support of families and relationships;
  • nurturing the human spirit;
  • quality care.

You can contact Julie Lesemann (218-666-6210) for care center information, tours or putting a loved one on our waiting list. If you have any nursing concerns regarding the care center you can contact Julie.