About the Cook Hospital

Cook Hospital Mission Station: 

“Our Specialty is You.”

Cook Care Center Mission Station: 

“Providing a safe and home-like living environment”
through values of…
• Dignity
• Compassion to our residents
• Promoting independence
• Fostering support of families and relationships
• Nurturing the human spirit
• Quality care


Our vision is to be the health provider of first choice by providing a diversity of quality, patient-centered care for all people in the region.

    We are honest, ethical, and do the right thing.
    We provide the highest quality primary care, treating patients, residents and family members with sensitivity and compassion.
    We value accountability and expect each employee to conduct themselves with a sense of integrity, responsibility, and ownership.
    We treat all of our patients, residents, visitors and fellow caregivers with dignity and respect.
    We deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team member.

The Cook Hospital and Care Center is a member of the following organizations: