Patient Financial Services

The Cook Hospital is proud of its mission to provide convenient quality health care and services to all who need it, regardless of our patient’s ability to pay. As a part of our continued services, the Business Office is here to help our patients and their families with insurance and patient billing questions or concerns.

We will process all bills in a timely fashion and will ensure every effort has been made in seeking correct reimbursement from our patient’s insurance plan(s). After all insurance reimbursement has been exhausted there may be an amount remaining in which would then be the patient’s responsibility to pay.

Financial assistance programs and arrangements are available and offered to insured and uninsured patients. If any of our patients and/or their family member(s) are concerned about paying their bill(s) and are interested in applying for assistance, please call 218-666-6204 regarding what documentation is required in determining eligibility.

All of our patient’s questions and/or concerns will be treated with confidentiality and courtesy.

  • Cook Hospital Toll Free – 866-324-5945
  • Accounts Receivables (patient balances) – 218-666-6204
  • Insurance Billing Inquires – 218-666-6205
  • Long Term Care Billing Inquires – 218-666-6215

Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.